Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1. How can I rent an instrument?

Answer: You can rent an instrument by visiting one of the following websites: or . Both companies will deliver the instrument directly to the school.


Question #2. What should I do if my instrument breaks?

Answer: Bring the instrument to me first to see if it is a quick fix.  Typically, you will need to contact the rental company directly. I may be able to help with minor repairs such as a stuck mouthpiece however, most repairs will need to be made at the shop. Please contact your rental company to arrange for pick-up at the school or you may drop it off at the shop. If you arrange for pick-up at school, please clearly label your instrument stating "REPAIR," your first and last name, and the name of your rental company.


Question #3. What do I do if I forget my instrument?

Answer: Please come to your scheduled lesson time and let me know. Depending on what is happening in lessons, you will either be asked to stay or return to class.